Pencil crayons on A2 paper. Alternate title: Elmer the Elephant Is A Fast Moving Snake

trip to sussex

Just got back from a trip to see my family down in Sussex. Here’s a basil plant in my parents’ … More

acrylic paintings

Acrylic on canvas, 760x505mm. I did this sometime last year. It’s based on the sketches I was doing of people … More

reconfigure 17.10.2018

Went along to life drawing at Summerhall for the first time in ages this evening. Model Xian was on a … More


Copied from this picture Inspired by Are These Quirky Comics Launching a New Generation of Bird Enthusiasts? which gives a nod … More

bob dylan

I got some watercolour paints and I have no idea what I’m doing. I made the classic mistake where you … More


August in Edinburgh. Adults back to work, kids back to school. Tourists, comedy posters, slow buses and umbrellas. Ok, to … More

katherine mansfield

I got some new watercolour pencils and wanted to try them out, so I drew this. It’s a pretty poor … More

summer holidays

I went down to Sussex for a week. This is a sketch I did in my parents’ back garden.

recent sketchbook stuff

People on the Meadows: Chimneys somewhere in Edinburgh: Some writers, copied from a stack of postcards I bought in a … More

bus sketches

These are drawings I’ve been doing on the bus to work. In this one I was heading into town, so … More

reconfigure 18.7.2018

Life drawing last night at Reconfigure. I had a go using colour for the first time since I started going … More

martians playing snooker

I don’t paint much. That’s probably a good thing, because these canvases are kinda big, and I don’t know what … More

drawings at akva

I go to a drawing group at Akva every now and again. These are some things I drew at that.