August in Edinburgh. Adults back to work, kids back to school. Tourists, comedy posters, slow buses and umbrellas. Ok, to…

Katherine Mansfield

I got some new watercolour pencils and wanted to try them out, so I drew this. It’s a pretty poor…

Summer holidays

I went down to Sussex for a week. This is a sketch I did in my parents’ back garden.

Recent sketchbook stuff

People on the Meadows: Chimneys somewhere in Edinburgh: Some writers, copied from a stack of postcards I bought in a…

Bus sketches

These are drawings I’ve been doing on the bus to work. In the top one I was heading into town,…

Reconfigure 18.7.2018

Life drawing last night at Reconfigure. I had a go using colour for the first time since I started going…

Martians playing snooker

I don’t paint much. That’s probably a good thing, because these canvases are kinda big, and I don’t know what…

Drawings at Akva

I go to a drawing group at Akva every now and again. These are some things I drew at that.


Drawn with a trusty Edding 500 chisel tip marker.


I made this with Triangulart, a web app that lets you draw with triangles. Fun times. I went through a…

Kendrick Lamar

This is taken from a photo in a big coffee-table book called “Hip Hop Raised Me”.


  Inktense pencils on paper.


Drawn with Inktense watercolour pencils.

Self portraits

A couple of self portraits. The first one started off as a contour drawing: This second one’s in a more…



I read about Frida Kahlo drawing fruit, so I thought I’d draw some fruit. I drew the bananas from life,…

frida kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Been reading Hayden Herrara’s biography Frida recently. Crazy stories. This is drawn from a photo taken by Nickolas Muray in 1939.



Here’s a quick thing I made at a drawing event organised by Edinburgh Zine Library.  

Muriel Spark

Edinburgh’s got Muriel Spark fever at the moment. She was born 100 years ago, and there’s an exhibition of letters…

The Royal Oak

Sketches at the downstairs part of the Royal Oak, a folk music pub in Edinburgh.

Life drawing

I’d never been to a life drawing session until last month. I blushed, naturally. All part of being British. These…

New website

Every so often I rework this website. The plan this time was to develop my own WordPress theme, but two…